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Hello my name is Just Epyx and I'am a livestreamer, graphic designer, coder, demoscener and retro lover with pixels in the veins.
I create graphics for the PC, Amiga and also C64 in the contact area you will find links to examples of my work.

I also programmed a few games that might interest you. Take a look at the projects section, maybe there find you something interesting.

My projects

AmiRun - The Quest für the Party

This is a platformer game where you play Ami and try to reach the Evoke demo party. You have to drink beer to recharge your life and spit at the enemies.
This game reaches 1st place at Novoque 2020 demoparty.

AmiRun 2 - First beer part two
AmiRun 2

Part 2 of amirun, our hero now has weapons to fight back and once again he has to fight his way to the evoke demoparty.
This game has reached 1st place at the Névoke 2021 demoparty.

AmiRun and the Beer Mania
Beer Mania

This game is a conversion of a classic Amiga game from 1989, where the goal is to direct the flow of beer through a given number of pipes.
This game reached 6th place at the Evoke 2022 demoparty.

DevLab Sokoban

This game I wrote for our registered association "DevLab/TSA" and it is a Sokoban variant that can be played in top/down or even from the first person view. It's the first game I've developed for cell phones as well.

AmiRun and the drunken Santa
Drunken Santa

Our hero AmiRun is visiting Santa Claus and the guys consume too much beer. Therefore, Ami has to help deliver the gifts to the kids. This game can be played directly in the browser.

Danger Dennis Level Editor
DD Level Editor

This is an online level editor for the WIP "Danger Dennis" by Dennis Pauler of Virtual Dimension.
Here you can build levels and Dennis will add the best ones to the game.

Tri-Fire Taxi
Tri-Fire Taxi

This game is our conversion of the classic "Space Taxi" game from 1984. We have brought our own style and adopted only the game principle. This game has reached 4th place in the first TokyoDemoFest 2011 demoparty.

a Trip to the Chip

This demo is our contribution to the demo competition of the Nevoke 2021 demo party.
We have won the 2nd place


This demo is our contribution to the Evoke 2023 PC Demo Competition.
We have won the 2nd place

Intro Maniac

This is my PC intro-maker with which you can create creative intros with graphics and music without programming skills  

Mobirise Website Builder

This is an intro I created in 2012 for the launch of our demo scene group,
The Solaris Agency (TSA).

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